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Creative coffee production


  1. Freeze-dried powder
  2. Custard pudding
  3. Avoset cream Yunnan coffee nectar
  4. Oreo cookies
  5. Fresh milk
  6. Ice cube


How to make it ?

  1. Add 1.5g of freeze-dried powder into 10g of hot water for dissolving. Add 2.5g of coffee nectar. Dissolve and set aside.
  2. Mash the custard pudding in a glass and set aside.
  3. Add 5 ice cubes to the pudding.
  4. Add cold fresh milk into the cup until the cup is 80% full.
  5. Add the coffee base in step one into the cup and stir it.
  6. Prepare some freeze-dried powder for later use.
  7. Squeeze cream on the top of the cup as the cream float
  8. Flour the freeze-dried powder on the top
  9. Put on some Oreo cookies and a straw beside the cream float
  10. Prepare a spoon for eating the cream
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