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Do aliens have hairloss problem?

A few days ago, Mexico has released to the world the remains of the aliens they found, whether there are other secrets we do not know, but I believe that the universe is so big that there must be some species beyond our knowledge, maybe they are at this time looking for us as we are looking for traces of them.
But the truth is I'm curious if they would have hair, and if they would be plagued with hair loss as well lol...

The question of whether extraterrestrials have hair is an intriguing one that has captured the interest of scientists and astronomers alike. While we have yet to discover concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life, let's delve into this question and consider the potential forms of alien life.

First, we need to understand the forms of life on Earth, including creatures with hair. Earthly organisms with hair include mammals, birds, and some insects. Hair is typically composed of keratin, a proteinaceous substance that covers the skin of organisms, serving various functions such as insulation, protection, sensory perception, and aesthetics. However, these functions can vary across different species.

For extraterrestrial life, we must first contemplate the environments in which it might exist. Different planets and moons offer a wide range of conditions, including temperature, atmospheric composition, gravity, and radiation levels. These factors would directly influence the way extraterrestrial life adapts and its physical attributes. If extraterrestrial life exists in extreme environments, such as high temperatures or extreme pressures, it may not possess features like hair found in Earth organisms.

On the other hand, if extraterrestrial life exists on a planet or moon with conditions similar to Earth, including moderate temperatures and a suitable atmosphere, it might develop features akin to Earth's life forms. This could include the presence of hair or analogous structures that serve functions necessary for survival in their environment.

However, we should not discount the possibility of entirely different life forms. Life could manifest in diverse ways, not necessarily limited to the known forms on Earth. For instance, silicon-based life is considered a potential form of extraterrestrial life, and it might possess structures and appearances entirely distinct from hair.

Furthermore, the evolutionary path of extraterrestrial life may differ significantly from that of Earth's organisms, potentially resulting in unique features and forms.

In conclusion, whether extraterrestrials have hair remains a question shrouded in uncertainty. Our understanding of extraterrestrial life is extremely limited, preventing us from making definitive conclusions. Yet, it is precisely this uncertainty that fuels the curiosity of scientists and astronomers, driving us to continuously explore the cosmos in search of potential forms of alien life. Future space exploration and astronomical observations may hold the key to unraveling the mysteries of extraterrestrial life forms.

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