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Creative coffee production

Name: Chocolate Amusement Park

Orange Cold Brew Coffee

Ingredients 1/3 cup orange juice, preferably freshly squeezed 2 orange slices for decoration 9 oz cold brew coffee ...

Lemonade Ise Tea

Ingredients 2 tsps of loose leaf tea 1 quart filtered water/room temperature water * Important:the brew ratio of l...

Milk Foam Cold Brew

Ingredients syrup cold brew coffee 5oz cold defatted milk Steps Put the cold skim milk into the milk frother, then...

Lemonade Soda Cold Brew

Ingredients A can of cold soda, around 11oz, better without flavor  one lemon honey a glass Steps Slice the lemon...

Cold Brew Coffee

Ingredients 20 tsps of coarsely ground coffee 30 oz cold or room temperature water A paper filter (optional) Import...
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