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Conforming to Beauty Standards?

In today's society, beauty is not merely an external manifestation but also an attitude and an inner pursuit. However, there are different paths to achieving beauty, including conforming to beauty standards and choosing beauty autonomously. Although both are related to beauty, they fundamentally differ.

Conforming to beauty standards, as the name suggests, refers to women pursuing a specific appearance to meet societal expectations of beauty. This pursuit is often passive and constrained, driven by external pressures and expectations rather than genuine internal needs. In the context of conforming to beauty standards, women may continuously chase after fashion trends, spending significant time and money on beauty products and cosmetic surgeries in pursuit of validation and praise from others. However, this pursuit is often based on uncertainty about self-worth and reliance on external aesthetic standards, which can lead to confusion of self-identity and psychological health issues.

In contrast, choosing beauty autonomously emphasizes individual women's active exploration and internal drive for beauty. In this context, women are not constrained by external standards but rather choose beauty methods based on their preferences, values, and needs. They may choose to focus on healthy lifestyles, including balanced diets, moderate exercise, and good sleep habits, to maintain their physical and mental well-being. They may also shape their inner beauty through learning, self-improvement, and spiritual cultivation, emphasizing personal expression and taste rather than blindly following trends.

The difference between conforming to beauty standards and choosing beauty autonomously lies in their internal motivations and effects. Conforming to beauty standards is often externally driven and superficial, with passive and utilitarian elements, which can lead to a lack of self-identity and psychological health problems. In contrast, choosing beauty autonomously emphasizes internal values and personal expression, representing a healthier, more positive, and sustainable way to pursue beauty.

Therefore, we should encourage women to abandon the constraints of conforming to beauty standards and embrace the concept of choosing beauty autonomously. Let us believe that every woman has the right and ability to define her own beauty, empowering herself with genuine freedom and dignity.

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